Yum Yum! A new eatery coming soon!

Yum Yum!!  How about this concept?  Indian inspired food in a microbrewery?  Perfect!  Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan is looking to the Gulch for the site of her new Nashville restaurant and hopes to open by the end of the year.  Chauhan, known for her role on Food Network’s “Chopped,” is launching the restaurant with Moni Advani, London Parfitt and Austin Ratliff. If the deal is finalized, the restaurant would be the latest to join the Gulch’s thriving restaurant scene that includes Virago, Watermark and Kayne Prime, among others.

“The idea was to have something sophisticated, exciting, a place where people could come and hang out,” Chauhan said. “It is something which is catered to the Nashville clientele — a microbrewery with small plates that are still very unique to the main dining market in Nashville.”

Chauhan said Advani reached out to her about a opening a place in Nashville, and after visiting the city last year she recognized the momentum in the dining industry, as well as the opportunities spurred by the Music City Center.

“I was really impressed with the dining scenes and how amazing the culinary scene is in Nashville,” she said, adding that she may look to other cities in the future. “For my first restaurant, I wanted to do something very special and close to my heart. Nashville felt like the place.”