It’s not about the math, but if you want a place to work with vibe, check out Center 615, Music City’s latest co-working office space.  Center 615 will officially open Thursday in East Nashville.

The center’s owner, Christian Paro, shared in a press release that the center features 37 office suites ranging from 100 to 2,000 square feet, equipped with co-working desks, workstations and conference rooms. Center 615 is located at 615 Main Street and was purchased for $2.7 million dollars by Paro South.  The center will have quirky touches throughout highlighting Paro’s love of science fiction.

There will also be additional conference rooms, an event space, a rooftop lounge, and outdoor event space, plus themed conference rooms, fitness area, break areas, kitchens, and free onsite parking.  Some tenants will have access to the amenities of videoconferencing and film screening.  So if you want a cool, creative place to work, this may be it!