We have helped many buyers buy homes and there really is an “art” to it. It is so much more than looking at homes until you find the right one, although, that is the most fun! We will work with you so that when you do find the right home, you are the most qualified buyer to purchase the property. The time to prepare is not when the home of your dreams is up for grabs. This entails connecting you with a qualified lender to map out the type of loan, down payment, and mortgage parameters you desire; helping you to define the top priorities in your home search; devising a plan that optimizes your time; and preparing you for the negotiation aspects of the contract so when you make an offer, you are familiar with the process.

We feel every home should contribute to your retirement portfolio whether it is your personal residence, a rental property, a flip property, or other. We will provide you with information on sales and rental comparables, appreciation or depreciation in the area, list price to sell price, absorption rate, and factors affecting present and future market trends so you can make the best decisions for your investment portfolio.