Well it has happened to me and my partner. We have been thinking about moving if we found the right home in the right area. Sound familiar? This has been going on for 2+ years so I really didn’t think it was going to happen, but we found a 1930’s bungalow and will be closing soon. We will be renovating the home over the next six months. Now if you want to follow along this journey with us, please do. It might be similar to a journey you have already experienced or will embark upon soon. The first book of business is where to live while the renovation takes place. There is only one Bathroom in the home and it will be torn out along with the Kitchen.

That brings me to a new topic. Have you ever heard of the Modern or the Metro Shed? Well these are prefab “sheds” or small spaces created for specific needs. For example, a writer’s, gardener’s, office or artist’s shed. They are even making elder sheds that could house your aging parent. These are very sophisticated with medical technology used in elder care. All can be very innovative and come in prices ranging $10,000 upward to $120,000. The upper end might include a kitchen and bath. Homeowners have been installing sheds versus adding additions to their homes like offices or studios. The trend is catching on all over America. Now with my situation of where I might live for the six months while they are renovating my new home, I thought about a Transition, Temporary Living, or even a Downsizing Shed, all of which will apply to my circumstance. It turns out there are many things to consider, like will the city or historic commission allow it? Who will put the kit together and connect the electric and water? Those questions remain unanswered but let’s don’t spoil the fun. Go to, my new favorite website, and search for Sheds and Studios. Brace yourself for the most fun you’ve had since you climbed into your last tree house.